Club costume and jammer styles suitable for galas

Henley Swimming Club require that at galas you must wear club kit, which includes - swim cap (long hair), t-shirt and swimming costume/jammers. You are welcome to select your own make/style of swimsuit as long as it coincides with the club colours - black and red - and has the same theme - red stripe on black costume/jammers. Our current club costume is the red/black/white design below. Our current club jammer is a mix of all the below images.

Mad Wave Womens Solution Swimsuit - Red / Black

Mad Wave Womens Reaction Swimsuit - Red

Speedo Womens Boom Splice Racerback Swimsuit - Black / Hot Orange

Maru Womens Club Pacer Vault Back Black/Red

TYR Men's Durafast One Splice Jammer Swimsuit

Nike Mens Geo Alloy Jammer - Red

Beco Mens Black / Red Jammer